Monday, December 8, 2014

Year 22 - 2014 Annual Big Soup Party

Year 22 - 2014
Saturday, December 7, 2014

1. Potato Cheese Soup (our “house” soup) 
2. Hot and Sour 
3. Holy Grail Kale
4. Arizona Hippy
5. Flower Power
6. Chocolate with cherries and whipped cream.

Thank you for such a fun and generous Big Soup night at the Neelyhouse! 235 people (including 87 kids) attending this years event. $2,820.98 was collected at the event and an additional gift of $6,000 was given making the grand total for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank $8,820.98!
2014 Big Soup Party - Neelyhouse Kitchen on the Friday - Making the soup for Big Soup!
Music by Evan Neely  

Nick Vargas from for taking so many great photos and helping and inspiring the go pro videos!
Valerie for always being such a good friend and a great cook! 

Uncle Ralph and Aunt Missie - the furthest traveled from Texas 
Simon and Alex for the soup boot
Arie Freedman for the E-bowl-A
Paul Rosenblatt for the record bowl, 
Valerie for her custom bowl, and 
Carmon and Susie for super bowl!

2014 Party PHOTOS

2014 Big Soup Party - Neelyhouse Kitchen - Saturday
2014 Big Soup Party - Neelyhouse Dining Room - Saturday
Uncle Ralph and Aunt Missie for chopping and being great soup helpers!!  

Kathryn Sitter for driving with me to OHIO for supplies!! HA. 

Donna and Earl or decorating my house and helping make soup.  

Thank you to Juddson and Samantha, the best SOUP helpers this year.  

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