Thursday, September 15, 2011

Year 19 - 2011

Year 19 - 2011
1. Potato Cheese Soup (our “house” soup)
2. Thai Cashew and Coconut Soup top with Cilantro, Scallions, Cashews, and Coconut milk

3. Vegetable Peanut Chowder top with Peanuts
4. Mulligatawny II
5. Tuscan Bean top with Parmesan Cheese
Dessert Soups:  Yin-Yang or drizzle one over the other 
6. Chocolate Soup
7. Sweet Walnut

240 Friends (70 kids) attended the 19th Annual Big Soup Party. We raised $3,000 for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. 



  1. The link to pics you posted did not work for me, but I found the set. The link I have is

  2. THANKS. I fixed it. Recipes to come!