Monday, December 31, 2007

Yin-Yang Soup

yinyang bowl 

Yin (Coconut, Spinach, and Pea Soup) and Yang (Thai Corn Chowder)

In order to experience the Yin-Yang soup, it is necessary to make the Yin and the Yang separately, in two different pots. I would suggest making the Yang first, as the chowder will benefit from a longer stewing time. With both soups complete and hot on the stove, ladle a bit of the Yang into one side of a wide rimmed bowl. Then ladle a bit of the yin into the other side of the same bowl. Try to keep the soups as separate as possible. Next, take your spoon and drag some of the Yang around one side of the bowl into the Yin, and do the same with some of the Yin into the yang, trying to make the yin-Yang symbol. Be careful not to mix the two soups up too much. When complete, the soups can be enjoyed separately in the same bowl and then jointly as they eventually start to mix up and become one.

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