Saturday, December 8, 2007

Year 15 - 2007

Year 15 - 2007
Yin-Yang Soup
----Yin: Coconut Spinach and Pea Soup
----Yang: Thai Corn Chowder
The Big Chili
Chocolate Coffee Soup
Potato Cheese Soup (our “house” soup)

The 2007 big Soup Party started early and ended late. Judi Cagley showed up at 6:45 and Janelle B. left around 1:40 am. Four soups in five pots, 145 people (38 of them were children!), $758 raised for the GPCFB. The Thai Corn Chowder was the first to go with the Chocolate Coffee Soup in hot pursuit. The Yin-Yang soup was the dominant experience of the evening. Equal time was spent discussing the taste as was spent trying to create the perfect Yin-Yang symbol in the bowl. Prizes were awarded at 9:00 to Ryan L. for his double decker, built on-site bowl, Dr. Jeff and Eileen F. for their eco-friendly, hand carved, organic, hollowed rutabaga and pineapple bowls (respectively), to Leo Hildebrant for his square LEGO bowl, Kate Froeshl for the largest spoon used, Carmon Rinehart for his most excellent Yin-Yang demonstration, and to Laura Bentrem for traveling the farthest, from Greensburg, PA. We are so excited to have increased the collective donation to the GPCFB, more $ from a smaller crowd. MANY THANKS to everyone who contributed.                  

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